A five-year journey at the Museum of the Ionian University

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en  pdf.png  Detailed report (2019-2023)
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For the last five years, the Museum of the Ionian University has been preserving and highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Corfu, with emphasis on the evolution of typography, the history of education and the social role of museums.

One of its main objectives is the publication of information related to its development. For this reason, detailed data covering the period from the establishment of the Museum in 2019 to the present day have been collected and presented. In the report, in addition to presenting the Museum's profile, it describes in detail the way it is managed and operated, the financial data, the actions for the care and promotion of the collections, the Museum's extroversion activities, its collaborations with other institutions and bodies, its research initiatives, its donations and its presence in the media.

The aim is for all interested individuals to have access to all aspects of the Museum and to be fully informed of its activities so that they can become part of them.

The attached file contains the detailed report of the activities of the Ionian University Museum for the period 2019-2023.


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