A five-year journey at the Museum of the Ionian University
Posted: 22-11-2023 12:17
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For the last five years, the Museum of the Ionian University has been preserving and highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Corfu, with emphasis on the evolution of typography, the history of education and the social role of museums.
The Museum of the Ionian University counts four years of operation since its establishment
Posted: 01-02-2023 14:22
The Museum of the Ionian University is entering its 5th year of operation. Since its establishment, it has held activities, events, lectures and collaborations with local institutions and associations in all the Ionian Islands through the Ionian Islands Museums Network.
Creative Workshop of Interactive Educational Experiences at the Museum using Augmented Reality.
Posted: 19-12-2022 13:09
Start: 16-01-2022 |End: 20-02-2023
Do you want to understand and design digital Augmented Reality applications? Can you imagine visiting the museum in a different, more interactive way? The University Museum in collaboration with the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, offers to the general public the "Creative Workshop of Interactive Educational Experiences in the Museum using Augmented Reality".
International Conference of European University Museums "Postmodern University Museums and the Digital Era" - 2/6/2022 Online
Posted: 21-02-2022 18:09 | Updated: 01-06-2022 23:37
Important Date: 02-06-2022
In times of new challenges that thousands of museums around the world are facing, immediate response and adaptation is essential so that they can function smoothly and ensure their viability. Responding to this volatile landscape, the Museum Collections of the Ionian University are organising a conference under the title Postmodern University Museums and the Digital Era.
Digital Exhibition Past2future
Posted: 24-08-2021 11:58
Start: 10-08-2021 |End: 31-12-2021

Fifteen Museums - Five Islands - One Network

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